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Should males be able to take contraceptive pills?

He said

If a birth control method for men, besides condoms, existed, it would be one of the greatest inventions in the history of humankind.

The phone, electricity and the male birth control pill in no particular order would all rate right at the top. Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin and the man or woman who invented the male birth control pill would forever be linked.

Imagine, in the heat of the moment, not having to stop, get up and find a condom. Then, having to rip the thing open, put it on and try getting started again. Instead, with the pill, you would be able to just continue doing whatever it was you were planning on doing.

As useful as the condom is at preventing pregnancies and saving both men and women from potentially fatal diseases, a pill that men could take to prevent pregnancies would be amazing.

If these magical pills were ever invented though, and if just anyone had access to these pills, all sexually transmitted diseases would rapidly rise. If you leave men in charge of taking these pills, the condom industry would go out of business, because why wear a condom when you can just take a pill?

The other problem would arise when men, as responsible as we think we are, forget to take the pill. Birth rates would probably end up rising, right along with STDs.

So when it comes down to it, women have had the responsibility of remembering to take a pill for long enough. Men are ready for the responsibility. Well, we’re ready, but not necessarily ready for more responsibility.

She said

The 21st Century offers the potential for a lot of positive changes for equality between men and women. The availability of birth control for men offers them the opportunity to participate in reproductive decision-making, and takes the sole burden off of women.

If a guy wants to sound ignorant or sexist, all he has to say is “It’s a woman’s job to avoid getting pregnant.” Outside of a laboratory, it takes two to create a baby, which means the man and woman are equally responsible for birth control choices.

Furthermore, the availability of male birth control will allow men to decide when they are truly ready to become fathers.

With oral contraceptives, men could take extra precautions and get pregnant with a woman he is certain to remain in a relationship with, because if he and his partner break up, it is often difficult for a man to remain an active part of his child’s life.

In addition, if men start taking birth control, it could reduce the number of abortions.

For some women, taking birth control can cause depression, weight gain, nausea and vaginal infections, and those are just the more common symptoms. Less common side effects include blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and liver tumors.

According to the researchers developing the product, birth control for men will have no side effects. Guys, if you truly care about your partner and if she suffers from any of these symptoms, the choice is clear.

Male birth control may come in both pill and patch form. If a man thinks he is likely to occasionally forget to take a pill on time, he can always use the patch instead.

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