Poetry Corner: ‘Dreams,’ ‘All of Me,’ and ‘Expression’



By Eddie Cota

Never forget the moment

When you realized your reason for


Life may have been meaningless

Until you where awaken when


Realizing, something is worth pain,

tears, and sacrifice

Thinking about the many who tried

But never survived

Still for some reason you believe

there’s a chance

No person, no statistic or competition

can hold you back

Every day you rise

Looking forward to reach it

Every night you sleep

Wishing more was done to meet it

Now you live in constant fear, which

produces tears

That represents the hunger and drive in

the soul

Resulting in strive and sacrifice to

meet a goal

Keep in mind sometimes hitting the


Is only going to make you appreciate

the top

You can be let down, put down, or

knocked down

But what keeps you going

Is a dream that won’t stop

All of Me

By Alexandria Barabin

I stand before you with nothing to

cover me,

Nothing to hide the parts of my body

and soul that would usually bring me


Because shame says that I am less,

So I stand here shameless with all of

me directly in front of you

Like a full length mirror

My reflection glares back at you.

We don’t even recognize our own


We can’t look ourselves completely up

and down

‘Cause we are blinded by shame

I don’t know,

We know not our name but,

I refuse to define myself in terms less

than beautiful,

So I will bear it all

Share it all

And love it

‘Cause I’m here.


By Rolanda Prinze

In life there are things that we ask for

And in life there are things that we get

However you should not throw it back

And ask for more benefit

In life things are right

And in life things are wrong

Don’t turn around and commit

To something strong

Unless you’re sure

Than what more

Take all you can devour

And don’t be a coward

Fools always lose

And sometimes losers win

But that’s if you’re looking at it from

another point of view!