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Uplift the heart and soul with rockers Aviatic

I have found the niche for music lovers, and it lies in the words and sounds of “Aviatic,” an up and coming band that is breaking the barriers of ordinary music and lifting you one step closer to melodic heaven.

I have no doubt this is one of those bands that will appeal to the masses with its distinctive style and emotionally driven music that inspires self-reflection with every expression ringing true to life.

The band is appropriately titled “Aviatic,” a term that pertains to flight, because of the uplifting music and mood they create. They can be classified under alternative/rock music, but weighted more on the emotional side.

The band comprises four members: Barrett Yeretsian, Sebu Simonian, Clint Feddersen, and Ryan Welker.

The four band members have broken away from former bands, and have used some of their previous music and styles to combine into what I consider a new language–one that is too advanced for words to describe.

The group has been together for about nine months, and has already started making a name for itself in various Los Angeles clubs and at theaters like the Troubadour, the House of Blues, and the Henry Fonda Theatre.

Yeretsian, the drummer, said he has not had any formal training in music other than taking a class at age 6. Well, he sure fooled me. This guy is what you call the life of the party. He definitely beats to his own drum, pun intended.

“I think all music strives to lift you,” Yeretsian said. “We love to make people feel something and take them somewhere.”

Yeretsian said they are working to release their album, “Arrival,” in about two months. He said the music on the album mostly has to do with relationships of all kinds and are open to interpretation.

One of their songs, “Goodbye Beautiful Day,” is my personal favorite and extremely popular amongst their fans. It describes some kind of loss, perhaps the loss of time, and can really make you think about your day. Other than the lyrics being deep, these guys can actually write real music. I was moved.

Most of the song and music writing is done by Yeretsian and Simonian.

Simonian, the vocalist and keyboardist, is a CSUN music alumnus. He also works as a recording engineer and producer at Stereotrain Studios in Burbank, where he applies the skills and knowledge he acquired from CSUN’s music technology and recording classes, he said.

“I think musical enjoyment is something that most people incline to have,” Simonian said. “Music is something natural for people to experience and we have something interesting to offer.”

Simonian said most of the lyrical content is about love, disappointment, and all the uncertainties of life.

What is most interesting about that is all the emotions are channeled through his unique voice, a wonder in its own, which has left me in absolute awe.

“I feel fulfilled and complete,” Simonian said. “Especially when people hear me.”

In the song “Stop Staring,” he says, “Stop staring/Stop caring/It’ll burn your eyes/It’ll make you blind.” I interpret that as a yearning for something or someone that is unattainable. I believe all people can relate to the lyrics.

Simonian happened to meet Welker, the guitarist, also a CSUN music alumnus. The two bandmates happened to have the same piano instructor and became friends, he said. Prior to Aviatic, they were in another band that fell apart for various reasons.

According to Welker, Aviatic’s music is a mixture of dark, melancholic and uplifting music.

“The music sometimes balances what we are saying lyrically,” Welker said. “It’s like the music is really inside you and wiggling your heart.”

Feddersen, the bassist, said he is just pleased with the response they are receiving from their audiences at the shows.

“The music is more refined and introspective,” Feddersen said.

Feddersen said that although some songs reflect sorrow, there is positive energy coming through it, especially through the music.

He said they have a more powerful and emotional message behind their music as opposed to what is being played on the radio today.

Lucy Kolanjian, senior business major, said she is one of their greatest fans and has been to all of their shows, and will continue to support them.

Kolanjian has set her alarm to the song “Shine,” which “gets me pumped and ready to start my day,” she said.

She said she was moved the first time she heard the music and has been “hooked” ever since.

“Anyone can relate to their lyrics,” Kolanjian said. “They will touch your soul.”

Aviatic will be co-headlining the annual 3rd Eye Gathering, a non-profit alternative music and art festival on May 14 at the Hangar in downtown Los Angeles.

What I like best about this band is their stage presence. They really know how to work a crowd and make it a real experience.

I have delayed spring cleaning, and now, I sweep everything else under the rug. Brace yourself music world. Aviatic has arrived.

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