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Hinting 101, maybe they are interested in you

For some people, there is nothing more agitating than not knowing if that someone you’re interested in dating is interested in you. The thing that’s more agitating is when you hint that you like that special someone, but he or she just doesn’t get it.

Maybe that special someone isn’t sure if you like him or her but he or she likes you.

Whatever the reason, I have taken it upon myself to give those of you who are frustrated some tips on strong hints that you can send to let a person know you like him or her. That is, if you haven’t already used them.

More importantly, I am writing this to the clueless men and women out there who don’t know how to tell the difference between a person who is interested and someone who is obviously not.

Let me begin with the “I-like-you” hints women give to men.

Since I am not a woman, it is a bit difficult for me to know for sure what my counterparts consider hints of love or infatuation. So, I asked a few women at CSUN and they schooled me in what I call “Signs of Hinting 101.”

Single men, pay attention. I went to great lengths to obtain this good information. By the way, this, of course, does not pertain to every woman.

A few women let guys know they like them by making small meaningful facial expressions. Giving a smile or a “wink” are signs, some said.

Girls who play with their hair in front of men is another sign.

Here’s a surprise: some also said they like to “flirt with (their) intellect” and inner beauty, which, they said, is truly valuable.

One CSUN student said that in order to let a guy know she likes him, she touches him in simple conversations, such as simply tapping him on the hand. She said it breaks a certain boundary, and helps lead to comfort.

A different CSUN female said she invited her now-boyfriend to her room in order to hint that she liked him. She said she made herself more available and open to be kissed. She also said she became very flirtatious.

Now, here’s some things men do to let women know they like them, (and as I stated before for the females, not all of this applies to every male.)

Unlike the facade we sometimes put up, men can be complicated, and there are different types of hints given by different types of men.

Some men try the ignore-the-girl-and-she’ll-want-me strategy, which is not a smart thing to do because it can backfire — the girl might feel rejected.

Ladies, this may sound ridiculous, but based on what I’ve known and observed as a man, and during man-to-man conversations, a sign that he likes you is if he pretends that he doesn’t like you. Don’t be discouraged by this, unless he’s very overt in saying he doesn’t like you.

Another hint is if the guy begins to harass you and make fun of you, not in a mean way, but in a teasing way.

One popular hint for women is when men give them “the eye.” The eye is an ambiguous stare that men give women repeatedly. However, beware, this could just mean that the man is lusting after you; it depends on how and where he stares.

Lastly, if a guy constantly offers you a hug, that may be a strong hint that he likes you.

So, for those of you who have often been befuddled from the confusing signs you’ve been trying to read from someone you like, and for those who had no clue, these tips should be of good help.

If all else fails for people who want that other special someone to know you like them, just be honest and let the person know how you feel. You may get rejected, but then again, you may not.

It’s worth a shot.

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