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American Hi-Fi members wear their ‘Hearts on Parade’

A lot of bands write about finding love or at least searching for it. In this case, the Boston band American Hi-Fi writes about the underdog finding love with the group’s latest single “The Geeks Get the Girls,” from the band’s new album, “Hearts on Parade.”

American Hi-Fi has been no stranger to the music industry. Lead singer/songwriter Stacey Jones was the drummer for the pop-rock 90s bands Letters to Cleo and Veruca Salt.

American Hi-Fi first came to the music scene in 2001 with the catchy song, “Flavor of the Weak,” in which they sang about an unappreciated girlfriend that was a little too dumb to leave her boyfriend. In 2003, they returned with their sophomore release “The Art of Losing,” and now are back for a third time but with a different label, Maverick, backing them.

I had first heard a lot of different rumors about “Hearts on Parade” over the Internet and how it is nothing like American Hi-Fi, and that they’ve changed their sound completely and didn’t have the same sound they used too.

Don’t believe these rumors.

The band still writes the same pop-rock-driven songs that were on their two previous albums, but like with everything these days, bands grow, and as time moves on, sound changes along with it.

“Hearts on Parade” still has the same great pop-rock-inspired tunes that they have had on their first two albums.

Their first single for the new album, “The Geeks Get the Girls” is about a guy who is attempting to walk up to the girl of his dreams, and all the possible things that could have gone wrong. What the guy doesn’t know is that the girl is actually interested in him and he gets the girl with “the very next day, he guess she ran away/the one and only in his bed so lonely/but she comes walking in, with coffee and a grin/crazy as it seems, it wasn’t just a dream/and all around the world, people shout it out/the geeks got the girl/last night he finally got it right/even losers can get lucky sometimes/all the freaks go on a winning streak/shout it all around the world cuz the geeks get the girls.”

The title track, “Hearts on Parade,” is about a relationship on the rocks. “And you’re in no hurry/to keep me from coming undone/take a look at what we’ve become/where do we go from here? / I don’t wanna disappear/our hearts are on parade/so you can watch them fade.”

Don’t let appearances or rumors deceive you. American Hi-Fi’s “Hearts on Parade” delivers the same great pop rock driven tunes like on their previous albums. But like with time, a great band matures in sound, and that is what American Hi-Fi has done.

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