Student voices: reaction to Ferguson decision



Photo Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Moises Ajanel

Photo Courtesy of Tribune News Service
Photo Courtesy of Tribune News Service

“I support it (the court’s decision).”

“I have a friend who’s an officer, and another friend who was in a similar situation where somebody held a gun to his partner’s head and [the cop] tased the guy but it wasn’t working. The guy was schizophrenic and I think he was on drugs. [The taser] wasn’t working.. he got off a shot [the guy] and it hit right next to the girl’s head. [So the cop] pulled out his gun and he shot him. He didn’t kill him, but when it went on the news they told a completely different story, so I can kind of see the perspective of this situation.”

“They were wrestling in the car and the pictures came out of him bruised up, I’m sure there was some type of resistance and the cop was trying to do his job. [The cop] can’t run away from the situation, he has to do something about it. If it ended up like that it’s unfortunate but I support that they didn’t charge him. It was fair.”

Daniel Haro, ecology and evolution, senior.


“History keeps repeating itself.”

“I approve of the protests that are going on but I also feel that African American should also protest when they kill each other as well because that’s also a problem.”

“I don’t agree with the looting, that’s not what it’s about. People shouldn’t do that.

Philip Forestant, Africana studies, junior.


“I understand that people are upset but the law is the law. There’s no reason why people should be violent. Is it justified, I don’t know. I wish cops would have GoPros to eliminate some of these situations.”

“As long as there’s no violence involved. I’m totally against the violence part. Even the Brown family begged not to have any violence. I’m completely against the violence.”

Felix Valle, undecided, freshmen.


“I feel that people are protesting but nothing is going to get done. You’re protesting  but the people that can make change don’t care. I feel that it’s a waste of time of time because whatever is going on will continue to go on because history always repeats itself. It’s going to take thousands and thousands of years before there is any justice on minorities and it’s not about black and white, I just feel that nothing is going to happen.”

“It’s our natural right to have peaceful protests but the looting is wrong. You’re destroying your own communities which means you will have to go outside of your own community and people will be scared because they will know that people from that town destroyed their own community.”

“I feel that [the looting] is wrong the wrong way of doing things but at the same time when you do peaceful protests you’re still tear-gassed, you’re still pepper sprayed, so what is the right way to go about it?”

Laloni Bradford, biology and deaf studies, sophomore.