A look at poetry: ‘My Stereo,’ ‘Breathe,’ and ‘Self’


My Stereo

By Eddie Cota

sometimes stress gets to thick

for my mind to deal with

but I found a remedy for situations like this

I grab my headphones and cover my ears

putting the world on silent

as my mind shifts gears

take a deep breath and hit play on my stereo

the music runs through me

as my problems let go

feeling pleasure over pain, sunshine over rain

inspired instead of depressed

and relief over stress

I survive through music and it’s become a necessity

it’s the one thing

that gives my mind, body, and soul unity

if you walk by me

and see me bobbing my head

don’t disturb me because I’m flying free

from the ways of the world

to an island of rhythm

maybe one day I’ll unplug my headphones

and let the world around me

listen to my stereo


By Rolanda Prince

To breathe you in and

take you into me

is all that I am

permitted to do.

Hoping that you will grasp

my arms when I

hold them out

not wanting to let go

of what could be

or what once was.

To look into your eyes

and get lost in them.

Always yearning to hear

your voice and have you

hold me like you

once did and to vocalize

what is in my heart.

But all I can do

is breathe you in.


By Sam Richard

He gazed at his reflection

Deep in his eyes, he saw a mortal man full of imperfections

He examined his heart, a field of dreams blazed with

sparks of passion

He traveled to his mind, a tunnel-visioned psyche fashioned

and determined to learn from life’s lessons

Searching for what he was made of, on this trip he went past

fields of hope and saw patches of pain and regrets–

roadblocks to memory lane

But then returned from his journey to the past with more of

his invaluable wealth: being true, learning and knowing