Crime log


The following information was provided by the Campus Police Department’s Daily Summary Report:

05/01/05 — Seven-Day

Stay Away Admonition

A CSUN police officer issued a seven-day stay away order to Michael Hernandez during an investigation of an alleged prowler looking into windows. Hernandez is not a CSUN student, and stated he was waiting for a ride from a friend in Lot G7. He was advised to leave, and complied.

04/30/05 — Possession of Marijuana

A CSUN police officer cited and released Ryan Shane Sumelin for alleged possession of marijuana on Lassen Street and White Oak Avenue. Sumelin is not a CSUN student.

04/30/05 — ADW

A CSUN police officer was involved in a brief vehicle pursuit that included a multi-vehicle hit-and-run traffic collision, and eventually an officer-involved shooting at 18600 Glenhill Rd. The case is under investigation by CSUN police and the LAPD.

04/29/05 — Vandalism

Someone shattered the rear passenger window of a CSUN student’s parked vehicle in Lot D1. A small impact indentation consistent with a BB or pellet was observed by the police officer.

04/29/05 — Warrant Arrest

A CSUN police officer took Ismail Rosales Bermudez into custody on an alleged outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Bermudez is not a CSUN student, and was booked at LAPD Devonshire.

04/29/05 — Petty Theft

Someone stole a CSUN student’s parking permit from his parked vehicle in Lot G9.

04/28/05-04/29/05 —

Annoying E-mails

A victim received annoying e-mails from an unknown suspect(s), sent from an IP on campus. CSUN ITR confirmed the IP belonged to CSUN.

04/28/05 — DUI

A CSUN police officer took Rudy Thomas Sanders into custody for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol on Reseda Boulevard and Prairie Street. Sanders is not a CSUN student, and refused field sobriety tests. He was booked at LAPD Van Nuys and consented to a blood test.

04/28/05 — BFMV

A CSUN police officer arrested Fidel Devontate Neal for an alleged outstanding warrant in Lot G4. Neal is not a CSUN student, and was booked at LAPD Devonshire.

04/28/05 — Sexual Assault

A known suspect sexually assaulted a CSUN student in a dorm room.

04/28/05 — Possession of a Firearm

A CSUN police officer took Randall Lafitte into custody for alleged possession of a firearm on a university campus, and for allegedly violating a stay-away admonition at the Physical Plant Management facility. Lafitte is not a CSUN student, and was booked at LAPD Van Nuys.

04/28/05 — BFMV

Someone stole a CSUN staff member’s car stereo system from the dash and trunk of her parked, secured vehicle in Lot B5.

04/25/05 — BFMV

Someone damaged a CSUN student’s vehicle by making a long mark along the length of the right side and across the front bumper in Lot E6.

04/25/05 — Hit and Run

Someone struck a CSUN faculty member’s car at the corner of Lassen Street and Lindley Avenue. The suspect fled without exchanging information.

04/24/05-04/29/05 — Attempted BFMV

Someone damaged the driver-side door lock attempting to gain entry into a CSUN student’s parked, secured vehicle in the University Village Apartments parking lot.

04/21/05-04/22/05 —

Petty Theft

Someone removed the hubcap from a patrol vehicle in Lot G7.