Smoking policies need to be enforced


I applaud your front-page article on April 27 (“Smoking policy ignored, not enforced on campus”), and I am offended as a non-smoker at how free people feel to smoke throughout the campus, constantly avoiding designated smoking areas. Smokers are putting everyone who doesn’t smoke at risk of secondhand smoke, which I believe to be very selfish. As an environmentalist, I see we also have a huge litter problem on campus due to cigarette stubs being left on the ground.

I speak for myself and perhaps other non-smoking CSUN students and faculty members when I say I hate sitting at the benches outside of Sierra Hall and Sierra Center. I would love to be able to relax outside those buildings without having cigarette smoke tarnish my time of relaxation.

I believe everyone, including smokers, would benefit from an enforced non-smoking policy. Our campus would be cleaner, non-smokers could breathe cleaner air, and smokers could save some money.

Jamie Gross,

Sophomore liberal studies

and history major