Female football fans

Stephanie Stanziano / Columnist

Stephanie Stanziano / Columnist


Football: a sport loved by the majority of Americans, right? I mean, who doesn’t like to see their team run out onto that field, friends cheering, beer flowing, chips and guac? With the season sadly at an end I’ve had the chance to look back and think of the great games I got to watch.

Oh but wait, I’m a girl, how can I like football, right? From what I’ve been told by various men there’s no way I know anything about the sport, or even enjoy watching the game on a Sunday afternoon. I’d rather be out shopping or something that “girls do.”

And while I do love shopping, probably too much, I have been a die hard Cowboys fan since I was born. Now, I know I may have lost some of you with the Cowboys but my point isn’t that my team is the greatest in the NFL, but that anytime I am around a group of men discussing the game, I am immediately stopped and asked to name three players on the team. Which is actually not a problem, I’ve got Romo, Witten, and Murray. But of course those three don’t count. I have to name another. So I say Bailey. And yet again I hear “well he doesn’t count either”.

So basically what I’m getting asked is to name my whole starting lineup, bench, and water boy before I can be considered an “actual fan”. Does not having a penis automatically mean that I think the end zone is just some where the players get to show off their dance moves?

I guarantee if i turned around and asked the same questions to my attacker, he wouldn’t be able to name the guy who just brought Jerry Jones his Johnny Walker Blue Label in the luxury box either.

As a man, if you’re reading this and thinking , “that’s not true”, then tell me the last time a girl approached you about football, and what was the first thought in your head? I would put money on the fact that it wasn’t, “Hey this would be a fun conversation to have.” It was probably “what the hell does this girl know about football?”

Elite Daily published an article by Miranda Kulp called, “5 Annoying Realities Of Being A Female Sports Fan During Football Season.” In this article Kulp shares with her readers some of the issues that female fans run into

The best quote being “We are the ride or die, the thick and thin; we are in this committed relationship with our team for the long haul. It doesn’t matter if it was Dad who showed us sports as a kid, or if our colleges made us the fanatics we have now become; we’re fans and it’s not going to change.”

And she’s right. As women, we’re allowed to be a fan just because we enjoy the energy that surrounds a game. So sue us if we don’t know that a shotgun could be a formation and not an actual gun or something we could do with a beer, or that we only know what the blind side is because of Sandra Bullock. We love this game and we deserve to sit back on the couch with a beer and a sandwich just as much as men do.