Students, guests treated to a rocking Sunday at Big Show 5

Daily Sundial

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About 2,100 students and CSUN personnel spent Sunday, May 8 in the Sierra Quad being treated to a special kind of celebration with the mother of all concerts featuring two major rock bands. With spectators ducking sun rays and squinting toward the stage, big-name bands, such as Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World, rocked the center of campus during this year’s Big Show 5. The bands’ sounds ricocheted off the surrounding walls and could be heard as far as the parking lots on either end of campus during the event organized by Student Productions and Campus Entertainment, a sector of Associated Students. The bands kept the crowd moving, sometimes through the air, as hands held up daring people who surfed across the palms of the crowd. “It was fun,” said Daniel Shiriwastaw, junior art major who took a turn riding the wave of hands that moved him toward the stage. “My friend threw me up (on the crowd) and I just went with it.” With a performance by Jason Klammel and Keri Gardner of Mates of State, the three-hour-plus show provided something to keep the minds of those in attendance occupied.