Ryan Adams keeps on rocking

Rock music comes in many different shapes and forms, yet there often comes a genius that goes above and beyond their talents with each piece of music that they produce.

For me, that person is Lost Highway Records’ Ryan Adams, the alternative country/rock singer/songwriter.

After going above and beyond any one to date in 2003 by releasing 2 EPs, “Love is Hell pt. 1,” and “Love Is Hell pt. 2” (which was later combined to a full length album titled “Love is Hell”), as well as the full length album, “Rock ‘N Roll,” he released the first of three for 2005, “Cold Roses,” a double album.

This time, Ryan Adams included his band, The Cardinals, on “Cold Roses.” Still combining the same mellow acoustic rock with the prolific lyrics like previous Ryan Adams albums, “Cold Roses” continues to show greatness and has proven him to be one of the great songwriters of this generation.

First hearing of Adams back in 2001 with the song “New York, New York,” from the album, “Gold,” I knew Ryan Adams was going to be great and be around for a long time.

One of the songs from the album is “Sweet Illusions,” which is on disc one of the album. “Sweet Illusions” is a love song about a relationship that is on the end of it’s run, but he still loves the girl.

“If I Am A Stranger,” is about a relationship where one person is wondering if the love they have is real.

Like any Ryan Adams production, you will not be disappointed by what he produced with “Cold Roses.” This album takes a step back and sounds like “Love is Hell.”