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Pro- Education in social media

Pro- Education in social media

Is social media benefiting our education or not?

I personally believe that social media is beneficial and the easiest way to access information quickly. We just have to determine the accuracy of information and how up-to-date our sources are.

There are three main aspects of social media:

1. We have the privilege to find news, as it is happening.

2. There’s no waiting around for anything, only looking forward to follow-up information.

3. All we have to make sure of is how reliable our sources are.

It’s all fairly simple.

There are so many benefits with using social media that have helped me become more aware about the world we live in.

In my opinion, there is nothing more embarrassing than being in a room full of people who are informed about a big news story that just happened, but I know nothing about it.

It’s awful, and I’m sure that it has happened to all of us a handful of times.

Let’s talk about procrastination! Is social media enabling our procrastinating?

If you are texting, scrolling around through Instagram during class or a meeting and you think you have the ability to multitask you might be mistaken. You miss out on more than you think.

Now let’s take a moment to focus on the knowledge gap.

What is the knowledge gap you may be asking?

This term in fact is something that is not considerably common knowledge. We know what it is, but most of us don’t know the exact definition.

The knowledge gap at one point was focused specifically on the level of a person’s education, socio-economic and even ethnic background. Now, because of social media its definition has changed and is most commonly referred to as the “digital divide”.

Reminder: The gap is ongoing and will continue to grow as the years go by. It will become increasingly profound as more information is presented to the world and people become more educated.

Let’s thank social media for playing a huge role in this.

As we all move forward we should remember that the more informed we are about the world we live in, the more we see. Let us all open our eyes to the world around us and expand with knowledge from the technology we use, to our favorite news outlets.

Let’s use symbols as an example to put this in perspective. Think of traffic signs that you may easily recognize in your day to day life. For anybody else who does not know what those symbols represent it may just look like a combination of cool colors or interesting shapes. Not until you know what those symbols represent do you know the purpose they serve.

We cannot just go by living unknowingly about current events that might affect us. We must explore new technology and social media, to learn what purpose that news serves to us.

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