Expanded tram routes not expected anytime soon

Daily Sundial

CSUN students, faculty and staff will not have access to additional tram routes to the south portion of campus until at least the completion of the Lot B3 parking structure, according to James Parlor, associate director of CSUN’s Department of Parking and Transportation Services.

“We haven’t done anything toward the addition of any new tram routes,” Parlor said. “We have to wait until everything near parking structure B3 is up and open before we start thinking of plans.”

Parlor said there could be a possible route expansion in the future, but careful planning would be necessary in order to serve the current riders of the trams.

“It takes the tram around eight minutes to make a complete circle of its route,” Parlor said. “If we add more stops and make the route longer, it will take more time to make a complete circle.”

Any expansion of the route will throw off the timing of current riders, Parlor said.

“We’d have to inform people about any new route plans well in advance,” Parlor said.

Currently, the route begins at the University Park Apartments on Lindley Avenue, ends at the south end of the Kinesiology Building, and returns back to its point of origin.

Luz Ramos, Chicano/a studies and biology double major, said she used to ride the trams when they first started, but said she became annoyed with the tram’s short reach onto the campus.

“I think it’s just easier to come from the other direction (Nordhoff Street) than to come through the north side of campus just to ride the trams for a short distance,” Ramos said.

The majority of the people who use the trams live in the dorms or park in the Lot G9 parking structure, Parlor said.

Colleen Lambert, freshman psychology major, said she usually rides the tram, but that it would be nice if there was a longer route.

“I think the tram system is fine (the way it is),” Lambert said. “The only problem is when one of the trams is broken. The only existing (tram) gets crowded.”