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To Tinder or not to Tinder



Tinder; is it God’s gift to busy college students, or the worst application on the face of the planet?

In today’s world everyone has too much to do and not enough time to do it.

If we are not at school, we are working. If we are not working, we are participating in mostly legal extracurricular activities. And if we have any time after that, we are sleeping.

Personally, I can barley squeeze in my beauty sleep, which brings up the question, How are we supposed to find time to date?

In this era of instant gratification the art of dating has kind of been lost. You know how it happens in the movies, like most things, is not actually what happens. No one takes a night off work to get ready, or comes to the door to talk to your parents so your dad can tell you to be home by ten.

Instead, we work weekend nights because as a server you make the most money. And personally, I love my family but I choose not to scare off my future dating prospects by introducing him to them.

So we “hangout” and “watch Netflix.” Which are both codes for come over, we can get some pizza, have some beer, and make out for a while because we both had a long day and have to get up early the next day. Not very romantic, but efficient in getting both parties what they want.

Back in the day, I got dumped by a boyfriend and decided to throw all caution to the wind and download Tinder.

I had no one to “hangout” with when we broke-up, so with my schedule I figured this was the easiest way to find a replacement.

Within ten minutes I was addicted and it was scary. It was like a game that you would only win if every time you swiped right you saw, “It’s a Match!” pop up on your screen. I was developing strategies to make sure that I would never get swiped right on.

I quickly lost all appreciation for my new game when my first message was “I’ve got ten inches I’d love to see you *insert gross action here*”

Five minutes after that I was flooded with sexual innuendos left and right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for inappropriate jokes but with people I know, not random strangers!

The Tinder application turned from a fun game I thought something could grow from to a scary nightmare, where my phone wouldn’t stop asking me for pictures of my boobs.

I think what surprised me the most was the fact that in my everyday life, the people I’d be matching would probably never walk up to me and say “hey you, you’re hot! Let me see you naked.” So what makes it okay to do that behind the small screen of your phone?

As much as I can appreciate the fact that these apps make it a lot easier for people to connect and get busy, I think it defeats the purpose of why they were created.

It’s sad that when people say that they met on Tinder and ended up together, there is an immediate judgement on their relationship because they were on the site in the first place.

It is unfortunate that the creeps trolling the application make it that way.

When downloading Tinder, finding a boyfriend should not be your initial intention but if there is someone you spark with then why not go for it?

People need to get over their judgement and just be happy because you’re happy. There’s never a judgement when people say they met on Okay maybe a little bit, but regardless,

Tinder is a place where people are matched on physical appearances, yes, but that’s a huge part of a relationship. If you don’t think a person is good looking, you’re never going to date them.

Just because I didn’t fill out a one and a half hour survey on E-harmony, doesn’t make the connection any less legitimate.

So when it comes to Tinder, I say go for it, because you never want to go through life thinking “well what would’ve happened if i swiped right.”

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