Jack’s Mannequin plays to a sold out Hollywood crowd

Jack’s Mannequin headlined a sold-out show at Hollywood’s Troubadour Friday along with bands Waking Ashland and Outline.

Outline opened the show and played a short but sweet set, full of melodic pop rock songs.

It was a bit hard to tell who was there for which band. Both Waking Ashland and Jack’s Mannequin each pulled big crowds.

Waking Ashland, who just released their first album “Composure” on Tooth and Nail this past Tuesday, have been on tour with Jack’s Mannequin in support of their new album.

The show was a bit of a homecoming for them, because three of the four members originally met at CSUN and got their start at local Los Angeles clubs like the Troubadour.

They played a few songs from their self-produced EP, “I Am For You,” as well as many songs off their new album, such as “Hands on Deck” and “Overjoyed.” As usual, they knew how to rock the crowd with their melodic, piano driven rock.

Finally Jack’s Mannequin came on. For those of you who do not know who Jack’s Mannequin is, it’s the side project of Andrew McMahon, the lead singer of pop rock band, Something Corporate.

McMahon, the brains behind this project, started writing songs while Something Corporate was on a break, and instead of waiting to sing them with Something Corporate, he formed Jack’s Mannequin to get this music out to the public. Jack’s Mannequin has more angst to them and hints of bands such as Death Cab for Cutie rather than the pop rock that Something Corporate produces.

Jack’s Mannequin has high-energy output. They know how to rock a crowd between McMahon’s active piano playing and the melodic guitars and can gain the attention of everyone. The tour they are on is their first tour as Jack’s Mannequin and so far ,they’ve been great.

The band played songs from their debut “Everything In Transit” and played songs like ” Kill the Messenger,” and “Holiday From Real.” The entire album was written in Los Angeles and originally funded by McMahon himself, until a record deal came through. “Everything In Transit” is due out July 12.