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Put A Cap On It

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

By putting a cap on the number of transfer students who can attend CSUN, more classes will be available to already enrolled students, and the campus won’t be so crowded.

With more individual’s seeking a higher education, universities are exceeding enrollment figures.

CSUN is accepting too many applicants into the system, so President Harrison, in her message to the CSUN body, is suggesting we put a cap on the number of freshmen and transfer students allowed into the university.

CSUN has around 40,000 students who are trying to pursue a higher education.

To meet the enrollment target, CSUN is planning to reduce enrollment for first-time freshmen and transfer students by 1 percent. In turn, this means that less than 300 students will be admitted each year.

Students hoping to come to CSUN may be upset by this new rule. However, it will be more beneficial to students already enrolled.

For those students who are already enrolled at CSUN, getting classes can sometimes be a hassle.

Depending on a student’s major and year standing, we all have to wait for our enrollment date to come by before we can choose classes. As if waiting for our registration date to come around isn’t enough, we also have to meet with advisers before a hold can be taken off of our account. Once we are able to enroll in classes, there is no guarantee we will get the classes we want and need. If a class is too full, students are put on a waitlist, where they hope for someone to drop the class.

As one is able to see, enrolling in classes can be a battlefield. Reducing the number of incoming students will help make it a little bit easier to get the classes that are needed. Classes will be available to students who have attended the university longer and those students will be on a path to graduate faster.

Coming into the university, there are students who receive financial aid. Some receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and loans. By the time graduation rolls around, many students are in debt and have to pay off college costs. If students are on the right path to graduation, they will be in less debt than students who have to wait another semester.

Admitting fewer first time students into CSUN will not only make the class process easier, but the campus won’t be overcrowded. Every day we have students commuting from all over the Los Angeles area. Parking structures fill up too quickly, the student to faculty ratio is increasing and not all events are able to support all students on campus. This just goes to show that there are too many students on campus.

Although reducing the number of incoming students won’t fix all of the problems on campus, it will improve some functions. I know that I wanted to attend a university function, however, I wasn’t able to because parking was too full and the school ran out of tickets. Allowing only 300 students to come to the university will make room for enrolled students to participate in school activities. Students should be able to have the full college experience. We shouldn’t have to be restricted.

By putting a cap on the number of students allowed in the university, currently enrolled students will be receiving a better education, and enjoy the campus experience more. President Harrison is making a step in the right direction.

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