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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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Daily Sundial

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The Common Issue: Semester days keep getting shorter

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Is it just me, or are the days getting shorter and the list of things I have to do getting longer?

I’m not sure how it happens or why but I feel like at the end of any semester, the time I have to get everything done just disappears.

At the beginning of every semester the days just cruise by. You don’t have any tests for a while and assignments seem to get done a few days before their actually due. You have time to work, make money, maybe hangout with your friends and even find time to go out on a date.

Then midterms pass and things take a 180!

The sun comes up later, and all of a sudden its like the world has lost any sense of normalcy.

Professors space out tests within a week of each other along with ten page essays. You have lessened your availability at work because you have so much school work to do. You work less and have no money to do anything because you barley make enough for grocery’s and rent. With no money to go out, you have no chance to meet new people or see your friends. Not meeting new people equates to no dates. So, basically, your whole life becomes a black hole of bills, deadlines and sadness.

Personally, I have dedicated these last few weeks on trying to figure out a way around it. I bought a planner, pulled doubles at work and made plans with my friends ahead of time to avoid any conflict with my work schedule.

Even with doing all of that I am writing the column hours before its due.

Oh and did I mention— no one came into my restaurant during my doubles, so I made no money, and I will probably even have to push back seeing friends to sometime when I can figure out how to manage my life.

For a minute I thought it was just me who was having these problems. I assumed it was due to my lack of organizational skills. But then I noticed that even some of my most organized friends are having troubles with this time of year.

I wish I had more answers as to why the clock suddenly decides to go $5 million miles faster than before, but I don’t. This slump just seems to be inevitable.

All I can say is that to any of you feeling this way, you are not alone.

One of the biggest things that we have to remember— this is not the defining moment in our lives.

Granted yes, college in general will shape how the rest of your life goes, but these few weeks filled with stress and missed deadlines will not define you as a person.

Remember—all of the assignments we turned in early and the tests that we had time to study for will prevent us from failing our classes.

Eventually you will have money again and your friends will always be around (when you have time or not.)

Just breath and look forward to Spring Break. The time off will give you plenty of time to catch up on all of the dates you missed out on.

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