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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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The breaking of spring

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Stephanie’s definition of spring break:

Some time in between May and April, where college students throw away all of their morals and inhibitions—usually somewhere in Mexico or San Diego. They drink copious amounts of alcohol, take way too many pictures, that later have to be deleted so Grandma doesn’t see them pop up on her Facebook wall.

What is it about Spring Break that makes us all feel like we can get away with cage dancing and making out with street performers?

I personally feel that this is the one week where a persons true self comes out.

If you think about it, you’re in a foreign area surrounded by people that you will never see ever again. Yes your closest friends with you but they are making the same decisions as you are, so they have no room to judge you.

The preparation for spring break is exhausting.

Your gyms will be filled with the lovely odor of spray tans and sweat, and the loud grunting noises of the people trying to desperately lose the extra two pounds or gain extra muscle, to look good in their bathing suits.

Just as a forewarning to all of you, if this is the first time you have stepped into a gym this semester, you will probably not be looking like your favorite supermodel or jock by the time you board the plane.

Now, if there is one thing you should be training, it’s your alcohol tolerance. OK, I’m joking but no one wants to deal with you being sloppy drunk on their spring break. So, drink what you can handle or have fun being hungover and missing out on half of your spring break.

I mean yes, while preparing you have to remember that you are still in school. We have to do our homework and get ready for the test that our professor decided to make on the last day of class, so that we couldn’t skip and start break early. But, don’t use this as an excuse to end up in the hospital during spring break.

I mean hey, I know a girl that made out with Johnny Football in Cabo just because she could! You could completely miss that because you were too busy making out with your toilet bowl.

You still have a week to decide what your game plan is but just remember, what you do with the person that will rub sunscreen on your back is strictly your business. But, what happens in Spring Break can result in a phone call to your parents, or even worse, a disease.

Stephanie’s spring break rules— 1. only drink what you can handle; 2. use protection.

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