Crime briefs


07/05/05 Vandalism

An unknown female suspect struck a victims’ vehicle with a large piece of fruit following an argument near the corner of Plummer Street and Reseda Boulevard. The victim is not a CSUN student. 07/03/05 Driving Under the Influence A CSUN police officer arrested Cheryl Jeanne Eissler on Reseda Boulevard for driving under the influence, driving with suspended driver license, and an outstanding warrant. Eissler is not a CSUN student, and was booked at LAPD Van Nuys with a BAC of 0.15.

07/02/05 Vandalism

An unknown suspect(s) punctured the tires, smashed the rear window and overturned an electric cart near Juniper Hall, formerly the Business Building.

07/01-04/05 Vandalism

An unknown suspect(s) using paint and spray paint wrote large letters on the walls of Manzanita Hall, the Matador Bookstore Complex and an ATM machine.