Faculty grants get big for 2005-06

summer Sundial

The following projects are among many that have received grants from

off-campus sources for 2005-06. Grant money comes from a variety of

organizations, government offices, school districts and universities,

among others. In total, CSUN faculty members receive several million

dollars in total grant money every year.

NASA has contributed $86,688 to Astronomy Professor Gary Chapman in

continuing support for a project titled, ‘?A Study of Solar Variability

Using Precise Ground-Based Photometry from Full-Disk Images.’

Chapman said he feels passionate about the project, which looks to

help discover new information on the output of energy in our solar


‘?The grant money helps to fund our research which is done at the

CSUN solar observatory located just nine miles from CSUN. The research

is being done using special telescopes, and the information gathered is

then compared with information gathered by NASA.

The project is in its third year, and the information gathered has

been 95 percent accurate when compared with data from NASA.

Janet Eckmier, professor from the College of Education, received

$904,274 from the Los Angeles Unified School District in support a

project called ‘?Single Subject Intern Program.’

This program gives students the opportunity to intern while they are

completing their credential program at CSUN.

‘?This funding is very essential in order for us to maintain our

program,’ Eckmier said. ‘?Without it, our intern program would not be


Alan Glassman, professor in the Management Department, is the

director of the YACA Strategic Planning project. His program was

awarded $143,000 from the State of California Department of Youth


‘?This program is responsible for funding 53,000 employees, who are

then responsible for 163,000 adult and 3,500 juvenile wards.’ Glassman