Crime Briefs

Daily Sundial

08/25/05 Possession of Narcotics for Sale

CSUN police arrested Richard Joseph Dolan for possession of crack cocaine for sales, for possession of Soma tablets for sales, possession of a hidden compartment to conceal narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving without a driver license. Dolan is not a CSUN student, and was booked by the LAPD.


Warrant Arrest

A CSUN police officer arrested Christopher Elliot Verdugo for three outstanding misdemeanor warrants, and was cited for driving without a driver license and not wearing a seatbelt. Verdugo is not a CSUN student, and was booked a LAPD Devonshire.

08/24/05 Possession of Marijuana

A CSUN police officer cited and released Edwin Roscoe Shrader IV for possession of marijuana while driving during a traffic stop for expired tags.

08/20/05 Possession of a switchblade knife

A CSUN police officer arrested George Kim on Aug. 20 for possession of a switchblade knife, and two misdemeanor traffic warrants near the Engineering Building. Kim is not a CSUN student, and he as booked at LAPD Devonshire.

Source: CSUN Police