Taking More Than Just Your Typical G.E.’s

Daily Sundial

If you are a bored senior waiting to graduate or a freshman overwhelmed by all the required classes and need tips on what to take when you’re done with your ‘oh, so exciting’ biology 100 course, here are a few classes to keep in mind that may take you away from the ordinary topics you’re used to.

Some of these rare classes focus on contemporary issues, ranging from the Politics of Hip Hop to Global Peace and Justice. These classes delve into the infamous ideals of our time and relate those ideals to students today. Some of the classes are considered experimental and may not be available for too long, which gives you more of a reason to jump on them! By now, most of the classes may be full, but there is always a chance you can add! Check with the departments for more information. Remember, you have been or will be here for some time, so make it worth your while.

The Politics of Hip Hop (PAS 496S) With hip-hop being more than just a genre of music, this class is sure to be insightful. If you’re into music, hip-hop or African American youth culture, this class will focus on the foundation of hip-hop, politics of contemporary and urban music, the role of women in hip-hop, and the impact of the globalization of hip-hop. PAS 496S is offered under Pan African studies, but is also great for students who are majoring in political science, music, sociology and women’s studies.

The Law and the Deaf (Deaf Studies 496C) If you’re interested in learning about a world we often don’t think about, Deaf Studies 496C is truly a special topic that concentrates on specific laws concerning the deaf, and how these laws affect their daily lives. Within a handful of classes in Deaf Studies, this class may help you better understand the discrimination deaf and hard-of-hearing people face in our world today.

Marriage and Family Relations (FCS 340) Even if you’re not married, you are still part of some sort of family, and hopefully, plan to get married some day, right? Well, if that’s not the case, we can all use a few tips in the relationship department. Either way, learning about marriage should be fun and you might even find out a thing or two about yourself by taking this class.

Religion and Film (RS 311) I know, I know, when you hear religion and film in the same sentence I bet it makes you think about the “Passion of Christ” right? Well, this class takes an in depth look into films, and reveals that many stories in films were based on religion. If this fascinating combo of topics is right up your alley, sign up because it’s new and may fill up quickly if it’s not already.

Global Peace and Justice (COMS 496GPJ) Global peace is a discussion that can never be exhausted. Among the many classes offered through the communications department, COMS 496GPJ should be an eye-opening experience. The idea of global peace is an ancient hope of unity that has been with us since the tower of Babel, and continues to exist today. The class includes the history of global peace, and also develops an understanding of worldwide justice and peace.

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