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L.A.-area Red Cross chapters need help for Katrina relief

Red Cross chapters in the Los Angeles area are coordinating efforts to assist the millions of people in the Gulf Coast states suffering through one of the worst natural disasters in modern times, Hurricane Katrina. Local personnel and Emergency Response Vehicles will be deployed to the affected areas as the Red Cross launches the largest mobilization of resources for a single natural disaster. Included in the operation will be the recruitment of 1,900 staff and volunteers and more than 250 ERVs. Also, preparations have been made to provide more than 500,000 hot meals to storm-weary evacuees each day. The American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles has sent five staff members, and the chapter from Orange County has done the same. To donate, call 1-800-HELP NOW or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund may be sent to local American Red Cross chapters or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013.

Oviatt Library launches new website, special online features

The Oviatt Library now has more than 2,000 individual webpages available to students. Eric Willis, library systems administrator, said that due to the heavy use of the library website, they have re-designed it to become more user-friendly and convenient for students to use. Users open about 8 million pages each year, according to Willis. “We spent a year and a half with various committees for design decisions,” Willis said. There was various draft designs that had to be amended and retouched several times until the final product could be published. A screen reader is also available for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. “It just makes things easier and less time-consuming,” Willis said. The new updates for the library website passed all the requirements that were needed to make changes. “(It was) time to freshen up and we hope everyone is able to find materials easily,” Willis said.

Chico state clamps down on alcohol abuse, binge drinking

Chico State will begin to crack down on student partygoers by stationing checkpoints at night in areas where students drink alcohol. Law enforcement will speak to students on campus about the risks of drinking, and how to stay safe and remain lucid when walking home at night. Fliers will be handed out at Chico State regarding the penalties of alcohol violations along with several safety tips on how to stay safe while drinking. After the death of Matthew Carrington, who died from hazing, Chico State implemented its new policy regarding use of alcoholic beverages through its students. New restrictions at Chico State come more than a month after the CSU Board of Trustees produced its biennial report on its alcohol abuse and prevention programs that said, in effect, that on many campuses, dangerous types of drinking had been curbed or addressed in some way.

Corrections and clarifications

In the article, “Associated Students opens semester with Senate meeting,” published Sept. 1, the total amount of money requested by M.E.Ch.A. was incorrectly stated. In fact, the $800 total was what the A.S. Finance Committee recommended for approval to the Senate. The funding was increased during the Senate meeting from $800 to $2,500, and was eventually approved by the body.