Infamous phrases freshmen should get used to

Daily Sundial

Having been here for quite some time, I feel it is my duty to pass on a few infamous phrases to freshmen that may help make their college experience a little easier.

It is your right to enjoy using these phrases throughout your stay here at CSUN as much as all the veterans here have.

As you begin your long journey as a college student, I promise you will come across many opportunities to use these popular phrases. Laugh at yourself for using them, and then use them again.

You may even find that you’ve used a few of these already in your first week of school.

Now that it’s the second week of school, and you’ve all had a long weekend to get over the hectic events of your first week at CSUN, become familiar with these infamous phrases that will never get old and will probably continue to exist forever in the wonderful world of college.

“I’ll just skip this chart. It won’t be on the test.”

Trust me. It will probably end up being 50 percent of the exam.

“All I have to do is get an A on the final to pass the class.”

This one I find particularly amusing, especially when it’s the end of the semester and students are calculating what they’ll need to get the grade they want or more often the grade they desperately need.

“My classmate’s friend’s roommate said this course would be easy.”

Grade school was easy people! C’mon, this is college.

“I’ll go see my academic advisor next week.”

I’ll bet you won’t even know what office to go to until you have to go your last semester just to find out whether or not you will graduate.

“I’ll just borrow someone else’s notes.”

You’ll probably end up borrowing the notes of the 1.8 grade point average student next to you who will hand you their other class’s notes but you won’t know the difference because you don’t go to class.

“Maybe the professor will offer extra credit.”

You mean extra work for one or two measly points that’ll get you from a D- to a D.

Hey, I suppose anything helps right?

“I’m sure they’ll let me add in to the class.”

Did you walk in and see the string of people standing against the wall hoping for the same?

“I’ll start going to bed earlier.”

Nice try.

“I’ll just rest my eyes for a minute.”

HA!! Funny!

And one of my own personal favorites,

“I’ll just wake up really early and study (or finish my paper).”

Now this one i’ve used the most and believe me, nine out of 10 times, it doen’t work. But try it!

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