Poetry Corner: Relaxing the mind and feeding the soul


Old Town of Mine

By Denys Nazarov

Yellow like pages of a manuscript

Lost on shelves in a shroud of dust

Your memories-mures protrude

Through the dunes of past days

Departed-so distant yet vivid

And the echoing sound on pavement

Still resonates in the longing to see

The gaze of your vacant windows

Crowned by your faded chimeras

Forgotten-so vivid yet distant

The wind, your rustling whisper

Still wanders the cool labyrinth

Of contracted, still streets-corridors

Looking for me, waiting for me

Lost-so vivid yet distant

There up above in the blue heavens

The rain-beaten dusty, red roofs smile

As soothing, archaic sun skips over

In my remote recollection of you

Gone-so vivid yet distant

You have seen much in ages

But not even time has altered the saga

Ticking away on your clock tower

You remain waiting-. waiting, for me

Vanished-so vivid yet distant-.

I cry out

By Alexandria Barabin

I cry out to the Lord for I am His unclean vessel

Unworthy of His love

Undeserving of His grace

Unfit to look upon His perfect face.

Although He showers me with blessings

And His love has no end

I insist upon making myself sick with sin.

When my stomach feels like knots

And my knees weaken and bend

I bear witness to my own shame

Because I’ve caused my savior pain.

And my disloyal disobedience is uncalled for

So I stare at the mirror telling myself

“No More!”

I can’t express the amount of damage to my soul I’ve done

Yet Father, you look down with forgiveness and call

“My daughter. My son.”

I cry out to my savior

For forgiveness and to repent

As I recall in my mind the price of His blood

And how it was spent

I cry out His name to heavens cloud

I whisper or scream

I cry or speak loud

No matter the manner of delivery

I trust in the One who sees everything

The Christ that offers forgiveness to those with a true heart

On the road to righteousness

Cleansing of sin is the start

This Christian life has a journey and expected end

So as you walk with Christ,

May He be your guide and friend.

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