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Politics is a blood-sucking parasite

For most of us, the word “politics” brings to mind boredom or absolutely nothing. To some who interpret “poli” to mean many and “tics” to mean “blood-sucking parasites,” politics must mean, “Many blood-sucking parasites.”

And that is closer than thinking nothing at all! Recently, an article appeared in the Daily Sundial acknowledging the dead political society and lack of activism on campus.

Junior Michelle Padilla confesses, “The most political involvement I’ve seen is in drinking games at parties. I remember during the last debate, if Bush said ‘weapons,’ we’d take one shot. If he wore a blue tie, we’d take two immediately!”

No, it is not the 1960s anymore and there is definitely less activism, but it’s not a free world yet. There are causes that need representation!

Does anybody care about immigration? Were you one of the thousands of students who protested this last school year? Are they really going to build a fence between Mexico and the United States? Does Schwarzenegger really hate immigrants like some minorities say, even though he is an immigrant himself?

Why do our teachers and staff have to work two jobs to survive and cannot afford to make photocopies? Why are tuition and fees significantly higher every year in comparison to minimum wage?

Is genetic engineering “so bad? Do you know what it is? Did you know that the United States has been using it safely for several decades to create many drugs and vaccines that we rely on?

Clinton was impeached for his affair, but what will happen to Mark Foley? Nothing?

If our country has been fighting against weapons of mass destruction for years, raising national debt, and now North Korea is threatening nuclear warfare, what is going on? Is the war for freedom, anti-terrorism, oil, something, or nothing?

We must ask ourselves, “what do we believe in? What are we against? Do we dig to discover what is true and what is covered up? Can we trust the news networks and media?

Do we fear them since they are all owned by the same few corporations and are pressured politically? Do we inherit the beliefs of our parents, because it is ALL we have been exposed to?”

“Though I was raised Republican, I used to flip flop between the two parties, agreeing with my liberal teachers, then agreeing with my conservative parents, but what affirmed my political beliefs is when Democrats Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton tried to censor videogames. Now I am Republican,” said freshman Barry Rothenburg.

It is time for our generation to get more involved. Register to vote. Research and develop opinions. What do you stand for? How can we the people have a voice if we choose to be silent? We’re finally adults with power and opportunity, let’s take advantage of it.

“It is sad and it sucks that our generation is the future, because we are uneducated and ignorant when it comes to politics,” said William Gram, freshman.

What about you? Dig up both sides of every argument from different sources before you pick a side. Investigate: Who is right? What is true?

Look at underground news, why is it kept on the low? Whatever you choose, it is up to you to believe and act. Society is waiting.

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