Recent crimes in dorms prompt police alerts


CSUN police released two campus alerts for criminal incidents that occurred within the residence dorm areas on Oct. 19 and 24, posting them in mail and laundry rooms. Neither crime was reported in the daily crime log that is released by CSUN Police.

The first campus alert released shows that on Oct. 19 at 1:45 p.m. an unidentified African American suspect allegedly followed a female resident into her dorm room and committed sexual battery, having asked her for money to use on a parking meter. The suspect is reported to be driving a white old model Ford Thunderbird, the alert shows.

The second campus alert released shows that on Oct. 24 at 1:50 p.m. police receive a phone call from a resident who said two groups of individuals were allegedly having a “verbal altercation.” Some of the people involved were reported to be carrying firearms.

Within the course of the investigation, university police found that it was two groups of African American students who were not CSUN students. The investigation found that at least one suspect pulled out a firearm and threatened the other group. Police then chased two unnamed suspects on foot and arrested them. The matter is still under investigation.

CSUN police did not return repeated calls made by the Daily Sundial for additional information.

Samantha Hannati, a magazine journalism major who lives in Building 11, said she heard about the sexual battery from a male friend who told her he had been approached many times by people asking for any loose change they could use on a parking meter.

Mallory Fry, a deaf studies major who lives in Building 6, said people usually wait on the bottom floor of her building for someone to let them in so they can pull the fire alarms.

Jason Stoll, music major, said, “I see it happen all the time. I’ll let someone waiting outside in who gives me a look because it’s awkward just to rush in and slam the door.”

Ashley McConnor, a cinema and television arts major who lives in Bayberry Hall, said it is a common occurrence to see people hanging out outside of her dorm building, waiting for someone to let them in. Most recently, McConnor said she walked out of her building at 7 a.m. and found a girl waiting for someone to let her in so she could visit a friend.

McConnor said her friend, who lives in Building 10, told her that a female resident in her building was raped last week, which she was told prompted a floor meeting.

Sasha Alonzo, an undecided major, said that she was in her friend’s dorm room on the second floor of the same building last Wednesday while her friend was in class. Alonzo said she walked out of the dorm room to see police rushing past her with rifles. They told her to leave the building, she said. The second floor’s resident adviser later told her and her friend that a girl was assaulted by a guest outside her dorm room and that the perpetrator was allegedly carrying some kind of weapon and making verbal threats, Alonzo said.