Letter to the Editor


I couldn’t believe that someone actually wrote about the MySpace issues. In the article “Web site has potential to ruin relationships” Danielle Swopes talks about how MySpace has destroyed many relationships due to jealousy and mistrust between partners. There is a shirt that has a slogan that reads, “MySpace ruined my life.” There is only so much that technology can do to destroy someone’s life or relationships. The phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” is what is destroying trust between partners. I am a curious and jealous girlfriend but I am also a strong believer of monogamy and I trust my boyfriend. That’s why I don’t go looking for what’s not there. It’s better to not set yourself up for situations that you know you will not be able to handle. If nothing has changed in the relationship and there is no reason to mistrust your partner, don’t dig for something that’s not there. It’s better to be in peace than anguish over things you’re not even sure of. Besides isn’t there a better thing to do than to hunt down every person on your partner’s friends list?

– Brenda Valadez,

business law major