Letter to the editor


Manners are not taught at any academic level. So why should any professor expect such a thing in their class? In the article “Rudeness in class remains a problem” there were many comments on wireless technology, leaving class early or arriving late, and attendance in general. I expect my professor to have an understanding of the pace of the world today.

All students of all times have been distracted during class at one point or another. The only difference now is that we have more objects that demand immediate attention.

And we are taught throughout our youth that when some object demands our attention we should answer it. As for attendance and arrival/departure time, we as students have lives. And with such we are forced to prioritize our time, if we leave your class its our loss and our choice. Let it go. We are in college, we pay to see you, not the other way around. One less student in attendance is one less question to answer. Be thankful that we are not still sitting in your class playing around on our latest technological toy.

-Ashley Cobb