Letter to the Editor


From the time most of us are a small child we constantly hear, “you must go to college.” Is this really a must? I would say for some yes and for some no, but most importantly I believe credit, saving money and budgeting are important too. For the most part, the ultimate goal is to graduate college in order to get a “good paying job.” However, I’ve learned throughout the past several years that no matter how much money you make, it doesn’t do much good if you don’t manage your money right. For example, for several years I’ve grossed well over one hundred thousand dollars annually, but didn’t save much because I never saw an end to the cash flow. Unfortunately, I unexpectedly became ill and my entire life changed.

Although I was very fortunate to earn such an income without a college degree, I still struggle to achieve a B.A. because “go to college” was pounded into my brain. Don’t be confused, college is very important and fulfilling, however I truly believe learning how to manage your money is equally important. I wish I was told “save your money and always maintain good credit” when I was a child because no matter how much money you make if you don’t control your money properly you will find yourself not only “broke,” but with bad credit. Bad credit prevents you from qualifying for good loans, if any loans at all, to buy a car, house, furniture, to start a business, and all other things that require a substantial amount of money. Even though there are many people in the world that make a “gabillion” dollars, many of these people are poorer than those who make less due to horrible money control. So, my advice to you is to “get a grip” on your finances with or without a college degree, because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

– Tinia DeWitt-Jones