Greens take a political stand

Bryan Faragher

It’s time to be inundated with political advertisements from all of the latest and greatest propositions. Proposition this and proposition that, each commercial warning us of the certain doom we will undoubtedly receive if we do pass the initiative, or the “never to be seen again” opportunity we will miss if we don’t. This proposition will raise your taxes, this proposition will stop kids from smoking and that one will strengthen the economy. Who knows what to believe anymore? We at the CSUN Greens decided to help sort it out.

What’s worse is that the trench warfare of partisan politics organizes political camps along strict Democrat and Republican party lines.

It’s really easy to become disillusioned and not weigh in your voice; however, it is not justifiable. The future direction of our state will be profoundly affected by some of these propositions, and likely leave an impact on our children and our children’s children.

That is exactly why we at the CSUN Greens decided to put in our two cents. As a third party on the outside of special interest politics, we bring a view point that is unique from the big machines of the Democrats and Republicans. Our special interest is the future of California, and what is best for all citizens, not the prison lobby or big business interests.

Here are the Propositions we found to be genuine:

YES on Proposition 84 – Clean Water and Flood Control. This prop funds the upgrading of California water resources through a bond. With the horrors of Hurricane Katrina not long behind us, the California levee system is in dire need of help. Prop. 84 will fix our aging water systems and help to keep California’s water system clean and on track with it’s exploding population. Water is the life blood of our civilization and must be taken seriously. Prop. 84 also puts forth money toward wildlife protection, forest, beach and local park preservation, and restores and protects streams and rivers.

YES on Proposition 87 – Renewable Energy Research. This proposition taxes the oil companies for drilling on California soil. The money raised will be used to fund alternative fuels such as wind and solar, which are clean, renewable energies that have proven their value. It also funds potential use of bio fuels and other energies through tax incentives which will help to wean California off of oil. Some of the money goes toward grants for universities and other education resources as well as businesses which are connected toward the development of clean energy. Other states have passed initiatives that tax oil drilling and it hasn’t raised gasoline prices. It simply means a huge loss of profits (which reached record highs this year) for Big Oil. So is it any wonder they’ve spent $70 million to defeat it?

YES on Proposition 89 – Clean Election Money. This initiative will place a .2 percent tax on big corporations and then use that money to fund state elections. This will level the playing field for minorities, women and third parties by equalizing the money candidates will have, and prohibits large donations from corporations once the money is taken. Corporations spend millions of dollars on candidates each year to buy their support anyway, so this will be no burden to them, and it will help to curb the out of control wholesale purchasing of politicians’ agendas by the large corporate interests. Something has to be done, and Prop. 89 is a good start.