Letter to the Editor


I am writing in response to Lauren Robeson’s “A.S. director of finance in need of reality check.” While she is right that it is easy to become desensitized to the politics of CSUN, that is where her article stops being factual and starts becoming biased and unfair.

Just in case Robeson is unaware of how any sort of bureaucracy works, I will help her understand. There are many rules and regulations that are set and must be followed. These rules are in place for good reason; without them the bureaucracy would become even more chaotic and inefficient than it already is. Making a frivolous finance committee requests for only $1 not only wastes the time and efforts of our elected representatives, it delays them from addressing real budget problems in a timely fashion. This event was already appropriated funds and just because now they are short on money does not mean that they can bend the rules and make frivolous requests of the finance committee.

Then she brings up the mones for shirts that were passed by the Senate. She faults the director of finance, Adam Haverstock, for a proposal that was passed by the entire Senate. First of all, this is totally different from breaking the rules of the finance committee. The shirt proposal was justly passed legislation voted on by our elected representatives. Just because both of these events involve money does not mean that they are comparable. It broke no rules and a shirt for all Associated Students does not seem frivolous. Secondly, there is no way that Haverstock should be faulted for the actions of the entire Associated Student Senate. This is ridiculous! There are many members of the Senate and each is accountable for his/her own vote. If you have a problem with a shirt for every person, tell your representative in the Senate. That is why they are called representatives, because they are supposed to represent our interests in the Senate.

Finally, Robeson brings up Haverstock’s “cavalier attitude” and “a recent penchant to reduce cultural clubs’ event funding.” That’s funny. She offers no proof that there are any additional clubs being hurt by Mr. Haverstock. She also says that he is reducing clubs’ funding when he is not doing anything of the sort. He is following the rules for requests for extra budget appropriations. There is a big difference.

I happen to have the pleasure of knowing Adam personally. He is a man of utmost character and great representative. I am honored that he would volunteer so much of his time to help our school run better. Maybe it is only my opinion, but I do not think he should not be slandered in the paper. Thank you.

– Aaron Montan, political science major, senior