Letter to the Editor


College students gain weight because they go through a life transition from high school to college. This change affects eating habits. Danielle Swopes article “College Weight Gain Products of Stress, Convenience” has very valid points as to why college students gain weight and the various ways to prevent students from gaining weight. Part of the college experience is to gain weight because with busy schedules students acquire different eating habits. There is more socializing, which will pressure students to eat out, eat late at night and drink alcohol. The best way to stay in shape would be through exercise. Regardless of whatever college students do whether it’s socializing, stressing over schoolwork, eating at all times of the day they will go through these adjustments for their first year. Through exercise, they can balance out a diet. If students have a strict regimen of working out three to four times a week for an hour or even fifteen minuets daily, then students will be in shape all through the semester.

– Brenda Valadez, business law major