CFA takes fight to Trustees


The California Faculty Association and California State University students from all 23 campuses joined together to protest CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed’s job performance and tuition fee increases yesterday in Long Beach. Outspoken protestors rallied the streets from Ocean Avenue to the CSU’s waterfront headquarters. The CSU trustee members convened for their regular meeting while more than 1,500 individuals protested outside their chambers making their voice heard. CFA members were engulfed with anger in what they referred to as “golden parachutes,” meaning millions of dollars are given in executive package deals to the top CSU administrators in addition to their already six-figured salaries.

At one point, when the trustees dispersed for a break, John Travis CFA president, shouted in anger demanding the trustee stay and listen to their concerns. The members stayed but could not restart their regular scheduled meeting due to the overwhelming sound of protesters shouting, so they left the chambers. At this point CFA members sat in the trustees’ executive chairs and called their own meeting.