Editorial: hold a rape prevention program with an all-male class


The Sundial / File Photo


The recent incidents of sexual assault on and near CSUN’s campus have given good enough reason to have people feel worried or frustrated over the status of their security.

It has been discussed among The Sundial’s Editorial Staff members and one of the staff reporters that CSUN needs to invest time and money into something that can provide aid in preventing sexual assault on this campus. A prevention program focused on college-age males would be ideal for those who may still have no clue what constitutes rape.

Although both perpetrators of these attacks have not been identified as CSUN students, it should be deemed necessary to set something in place in order to maintain a stronger sense of security among students.

Starting a rape prevention seminar or course strictly for male students who did not get high scores on Agent of Change is a step in the right direction. Making it a mandatory course may help ensure any sense of security on this campus.

Setting a focus behind those failed students may help set up some proper young men who know how to control their own urges and also help prevent others from committing this atrocious crime.