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Debate continues on laptops vs. desktops

It seems as though desktop computers, which have been in production since the 1980s, are becoming a thing of the past.

“I see more people coming in the store and buying laptop computers vs. desktop computers,” said Kahn, an employee at Circuit City.

Just by observation on campus, it is evident that many students are using laptops.

Unlike desktop computers, laptops have more mobility. A student is able to take their laptop and carry it around. Furthermore, the laptop is also a single unit.

The desktop has more components than a laptop, however. It may consist of a monitor, a tower, and many wires that connect everything together, while laptops are usually one unit and wireless.

With laptops, many of the accessories are built in. For example, the speakers are a built-in unit. In some desktop computers, speakers are separate units that have to be plugged in.

Laptops also take up less space by having fewer components, while the desktop is usually larger compared to laptops.

Some students are ruling out the traditional way of taking notes with pen and paper and are now using laptops.

“I take notes on my laptop in class because I can type faster than I can write,” said Yvonne Santamaria, student and Circuit City customer.

The portability is one reason that the laptop such a popular item, Khan said. Unlike the desktop, a laptop does not have to be stationed. It can be moved from place to place.

Although many students do enjoy using laptops, there are still those who prefer desktops.

“I like the desktop computer because I’ve worked with it longer,” said Yvonne Batshoun, a teacher from the Buena Park School District. “It’s what I am used to.”

Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference, plain and simple.

“I prefer the laptop because I’m a student always on the go,” Santamaria said. “On the other hand, my mom likes desktop because she is always stationed at home.”

“The desktop computer has been around longer, it is more advanced and it has more memory,” Batshoun said.

Contrary to what some may think, memory and speed are determined by the type of laptop or desktop.

A desktop can be just as powerful as a laptop, said David, an employee at the Apple Store.

There are a variety of laptop and desktops to choose from.

“Hewlett Packard and Sony are among the highest selling laptop models,” Kahn said.

There are some desktops that have more gigahertz and processors than laptops, thus making desktops more powerful and vice versa, David said.

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