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Size discrimination, advisement discussed at Senate meeting

The A.S. Senate met yesterday in the University Student Union’s Grand Salon for a little more than an hour to discuss size discrimination, student advisement and cultural student groups.

Steven Vanover, Director of Legislative Affairs, announced that he will be attending the California State Student Association monthly meeting in December to submit changes to the CSSA constitution to include size discrimination. In the elections almost three weeks ago, students decided to include size discrimination in the A.S. Constitution.

“We can now and are going to advocate to the university and the University Corporation to accommodate students of all sizes,” Vanover said.

A.S. will begin research with the University Corporation as to the clothing sizes available in the bookstore.

“It could be financial or economic. It could end up being as easy as asking them to provide shirts in more sizes or it could take more convincing,” Vanover said.

A.S. has no plans now of buying desks to accommodate students of different sizes, but Vanover says the next step is to research and speak with Dr. William Watkins, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, then follow his recommendations.

The lobby corps, made up of A.S. representatives, is now in charge of developing an action plan to begin advocating for students. According to Vanover, as of right now, there has been no lobby corps meeting since the A.S. election.

Vanover said some classes are already equipped with handicap desks with adjustable tables.

Vanover also told senators that he is currently in the process of drafting a resolution for the multicultural caucus to recognize size discrimination and fight for change.

Lobby Corps will be meeting next Friday at 1 p.m. in the A.S. conference room.

A.S. Vice President Sarah Jackson gave an update on student advisement through instant messaging. When students have quick questions about classes and course requirements they will soon be able to IM their concerns to a certified adviser.

“This is just an additional resource and clarification for students – it’s not meant to be a replacement for required advisement,” Jackson said.

The committee in charge of IM advisement will meet with the administration for the third time today to further discuss IM advisement and to create an agreement between advisers and students.

“This academic advisement agreement will address concerns between students and advisers,” Jackson said. “What students can expect after taking the necessary steps in their college career.”

Jackson says A.S. is now taking proactive steps toward changing advisement and making both students and advisors accountable.

The advisement agreement is in its initial stages, but Jackson hopes it will be added into the university catalog so students can be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

The A.S. president and vice president announced in last Tuesday’s meeting that they will be working with cultural groups on campus to create an intercultural council. Jackson said they are still in the beginning phases of contacting cultural groups and making preliminary arrangements for an intercultural council.

“We’re contacting the group presidents to see if they’re even interested,” Jackson said.

A.S. Director of Clubs and Organizations Merriliz Monzon is the contact for cultural groups interested in organizing an intercultural council.

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