Letter to the Editor


On Thursday, November 16 there was an article about the freshman connection program. It was a good article up until the opinion of one of the participants, Mike Swartz, was stated.

It looked as though he was not happy to be there and was “tricked” into the program which is probably not true because he was asked if he wanted to be in it. This makes the program look bad as if the program does not work, which is not true.

My sister is currently in the program and it is the best decisions that she could have made. She has formed strong bond with some of her classmates and it would not have been possible without this program because she is in constant contact with the same students and does not have 150 different classmates.

I wish this program had been here when I was a freshman because freshman year can be very scary when you come here and do not know anyone.

A statement of a student who liked the program could have been added and both the pros and cons could have been shown. Statements like these discredit the program. It is always good to hear both sides in any article because it lets a person make up their own mind about the topic, in this case the freshman connection program.

– Sylvia Olmos, junior,

family studies major