Weekly Staff Editorial


UCLA student Mostafa Tabatabainejad was stunned with a taser gun five times by the University of California Police Department officers in the Powell Library after he failed to provide his BruinCard because he said he felt he was being profiled.

The officer identified using the taser is Terrence Duren, and he has a history of wrongdoing and use of unwarranted force. He is also a recipient of UCPD Officer of the Year award.

The student should have been cooperative and the officers should have been more professional. If the UCPD wanted to taser the student, once is really enough. Multiple tasering was unnecessary. The student was not “asking for it.”

The Daily Bruin reported that this was a case of racial profiling and the officers involved were to be immediately suspended.

What have we learned so far? Abuse of power, excessive force and trained police officers should be able to control their temper in these situations.

It is understandable that they had to do something because the student was not cooperating, but tasering him five times is not the answer.

Race has been in the media more often these days. The firefighter who was given dog food by his colleagues and Kramer’s breakdown at the Laugh Factory are the most recent.

With our handy technology in cell phones and digital cameras, bystanders were able to capture most of the incident at UCLA and at the Laugh Factory.

Students should feel safe with the UCPD, not in danger.

Another police violence incident is where the police shot an unarmed man on the day of his wedding and wounded two of his friends. He was shot 21 times by the NYPD after the man crashed into an unmarked detective’s car. Also out of line. However, the officers are now on paid administrative leave. Paid leave for shooting and killing a man?

Campus police get special training and are not the LAPD. Students are not criminals and should be treated accordingly.