Round and Round She Goes

Jasmin Jacobs

Tatiana Crochet is on the throw squad for the track and field team and is looking forward to the upcoming season. Tatiana is a senior majoring in Kinesiology who, upon graduating, plans to apply to Northridge’s physical therapy program.

The track and field team is currently conditioning for their season that begins at the end of January. Tatiana competes in two throwing events, the hammer and the weight. In order to prepare for the season, the team has a rigorous training schedule in which they condition five days a week.

Tatiana says her goal for the season is to beat her personal record in the hammer of 55m (180 ft). In addition, she wants to make it to the post season by qualifying for National competition.

When Tatiana is not conditioning, competing, or in class, she enjoys getting eight hours of sleep, baking desserts, spending time with boyfriend Tim, and visiting her family in Beverly Hills.