Zombie Come Alive

Kristine Keller

Gloria Galvan spends a lot of her time dead – or at least pretending to be. A third-year theatre major, three of her roles this semester have been deceased characters, two of which were zombies.

As a murder victim in CSUN’s Threepenny Opera, Galvan was rolled onto the stage with other victims set to the tune of “Mac the Knife.” She also played a zombie in the Stella Adler Theatre’s Night of the Living Dead in Hollywood and on the War of the Worlds set at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror nights this October.

In addition to Galvan’s knack for undead roles, she performs in musicals and has regularly done improv at the Avery Schreiber Theatre for eight years. After her “Mac the Knife” appearance in Threepenny, she acted and sang as the “Old Whore.”

Night of the Living Dead will be on stage until December 3 and is hosted by the Gangbusters Theatre Company.