Central American studies major comes to CSUN in Fall 2007

Adriana Olivarez

A new major of Central American Studies will become effective in Fall 2007. CSUN will be the first university in the nation to offer this major. The new major is now in the process of gaining administrative approval, though the College of Humanities’ academic counsel has already approved the proposal.

The major will be an interdisciplinary program of 45 units for the major and 33 for the students who will be majoring in something else as well.

“The main objective is to address issues of different identities such as the Afro-Caribbean identity, indigenous, social and religion, as well as contemporary movements in Central America,” said Beatriz Cortez, a Central American studies professor.

Josue Guajan, president of the Central American United Student Association, said he believes that the implementation of this major is a reflection of interest in the new generations of Central Americans who do not know much about their culture.

“The community of Central Americans is growing not only in CSUN but in the U.S. as well,” Guajan said.

He added that some of his friends are so excited about the new major that they are either taking classes as undeclared majors, waiting for the major to become official, or double majoring.