Effort to end pride in flying flags

Jessyca Dewey

Pahrump, Nev. just passed a law that every other city in the United States should hastily adopt. The new legislation has made it illegal to fly any foreign flag without flying a U.S. flag right next to it. This really is a brilliant idea.

For the American flag, physical representation of the land of the free and the home of the brave, is undoubtedly extremely superior to every other country on the globe. The loyalties, dedication, nostalgic senses and pride of all those who reside in this marvelous land should be reserved for the United States only and this should be represented by the presence of the U.S. flag.

The overflowing mercy and wisdom that has been shown by the U.S. government both nationally and internationally has been of the utmost supremacy. Both individually and collectively, our nation has bound together to serve the poor, the weak and the downtrodden, no mouth going unfed. We have supplied all of our residents with far more than the basic necessities of life and each of our political and economicc decisions have been highly praised by the international community.

We have rushed to the defense of the plight of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and we immediately took control of the grave situation in Sudan before it plummeted in a downward spiral. We have sought to serve our neighbors, assisting countries such as Mexico and Cuba in whatever ways we are able and alleviating the burdens that weigh on their shoulders.

The nation has stood by the original foundations of the country, supporting the ideologies set forth in the Constitution. Freedom, liberty and justice have prevailed since the dawning of the age of this great nation. While other countries have persecuted or allowed for the persecution of specific religious groups, the United States has never been guilty of racial profiling, imprisonment for unjust causes, or complicity by the acts of hatred perpetrated by its citizens.

It is this undying devotion to the culmination of perfection in America that should be cause enough to illegalize the waving of any foreign flag without also giving due respect to that of the red, white and blue. Today, the red, white and blue stands for many things. To many, it stands for hope and prosperity, liberty and justice, equality and freedom. Yet, the United States has fallen very short from such ideals.

We have failed to provide hope to the some 37 million people living in poverty in our country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the poverty rate is a staggering 12.6 percent.

In Sweden however, the poverty rate is approximately 6.5 percent, yet Swedish Americans that live in Pahrump, Nev. are not allowed to fly the blue and yellow flag of their homeland without the red, white and blue.