Radical preachers come to campus


Students walking out of class noon Friday were greeted by itinerant preachers proclaiming they are sinners and that abortionists, Catholics, homosexuals and Muslims are going to hell.

Sarah Mitchell said she and Paul Mitchell, Jeremy Sonnie and Robert Breaud have also spread their message at UCLA and UC San Diego, and were heckled by CSUN students. Some students brought lunches with them to the front of the Oviatt Library to watch the show.

Students were shouting “Get them out of here,” “There isn’t only God” and “You sexists.”

Paul Mitchell said his message may be controversial, but he works to get it across to people.

“We’re Bible-loving Christians. We preach the Gospel to warn people of the danger they’re in outside of God,” Mitchell said. “They don’t really want us to say this stuff even though it’s free speech, but they still hear us.”

CSUN Police Officer William Smith arrived on the scene and asked Paul Mitchell, representing Cornerstone Ministries based in Norwalk, for a permit, which he had on hand with him.

Smith told Paul Mitchell that he and his associates could keep demonstrating, but could not keep holding up large signs, which read “Warning: Homos and Lesbos, Thieves, Porno Perverts, Fornicators, Drunkards, Roman Catholics, Baby Killing Women, God Will Judge You!”