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Letters to the Editor

I am very offended by the article “How possible is it to bring peace in the Middle East?” in the Dec. 7 issue. It guises behind the banner of peace, yet in reality is a virulent article calling for the destruction of the state of Israel. This can be seen in the statement “Israel cannot be serious about peace while they are occupying Palestine most of the West bank and the Gaza Strip.” And where is Palestine? Are you meaning that entire region which was called Palestine under the British mandate? So where do you suppose Israel should go? Into the Mediterranean? As of July 2004 the Gaza Strip has been under Palestinian dominion, get your facts straight. And if you are so concerned about human rights for Arabs and Muslims please mention the situation in Sudan.

– Anne Harsedeh

It is nice to know that there are people who will protect your home against mother nature. Fires have taken my mother’s home before and they have threatened my home more than once. I just wanted to thank all the Moorpark firemen who bravely fought to protect our homes.

– Ashley Cobb

Domestic violence is a serious issue and that is why

it’s nice to see girl power empowering other women.

The article “Women’s center hosts empowering events”

is promoting upcoming events for the Women’s Resource

and Research Center. This center helps all women who

are victims of domestic violence by guiding them and

informing them how to overcome their situations. Until

I read this article I was not aware that CSUN offered

these kinds of services and I was also not aware of

the center’s location. Domestic violence is high in

today’s society; that is why it is necessary for women

to get help, support and most importantly to empower

each other with the right messages.

– Brenda Valadez

business law major

I am responding to the article “How possible is it to

bring peace in the Middle East?” I am responding to

its blatant bias of the article. It is rabidly

anti-Israel and cares very little about the terror

group known as Hezbollah using Lebanese civilians

and civilian structures as shields during the recent

conflict. What about the human rights violations of

Hezbollah? What about the permament human rights

violations of Hezbollah operatives teaching Lebanese

children to enjoy seeing rockets heading toward


As for the rise of terrorism, wouldn’t having the U.S.

leave the regions of Iraq and Afghanistan encourage

more terrorists to come in like Somalia? Like how the

Somalian Islamic Courts are imposing ruthless

authoritarian laws stating that anyone who doesn’t

believe their whim gets beheaded? Would any rational

person want Iraq and Afghanistan to end up like that?

Hopefully not. But alas, the astounding ignorance of

this paper might unfortnately say otherwise.

And what’s more the author of this article doesn’t

seem to notify how Hezbollah doesn’t want to see

Israel to exist consider the Hezbollah leader-Hassan


“I am against any reconciliation with Israel. I do not

even recognize the presence of a state that is called

‘Israel.’ I consider its presence both unjust and


Along with identifying the U.S. as his ultimate


“It is our pride that the Great Satan (U.S.) and the

head of despotism, corruption and arrogance in modern

times considers us as an enemy that should be listed

in the terrorism list.”

So what about Hezbollah committing human rights

violations which would enable its successor

recruitment drive? What do these quotes by the

Hezbollah leader tell about its true agenda? It just

simply really exposes the astounding ignorance of this

paper and its rabid anti-Israel bias.

-Maxwell Hoffman,

history major

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