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Marriage takes more than feelings, reality kicks in

It was around this time last year that I got engaged. I am married now and have been for a few months.

I am here to bear witness to the fact that being a young college student and married is hard.

Do not get me wrong, I love it.

And I am not just saying that to bring equity to my statements.

But the truth is, being young in college and married is not for the faint of heart.

What do I mean?

Divorce in this country is hovering around 50 percent and Hollywood stars are always in the news because their extravagant marriages are followed quickly by their despicable divorces.

Well my wife and I (I am still getting used to calling her my wife) do not argue that much, we did enough of that in the four years we dated, but it does take some getting used to the fact that I am no longer single-handedly undertaking life and its volatile occurrences.

Poker every Sunday afternoon at my boss’s house?

Yes, but I cannot always go.

Sometimes I have to cater to her and that is fine, but to be honest, my nature is so used to the independence.

I have to remember it is no longer about me.

I am used to staying out late just hanging with the guys or going where I want to without having to check in and say, “Baby, I’ll be home by dinner.”

Like I said, I love marriage. I would rather stay up late with the wife than hang out with the boys, but sometimes I miss that.

I missed the practical jokes that ended in laughter, not me apologizing.

I have my boys’ night out periodically, but it is not the same. They look at me different. And they should, but sometimes a part of me reminisces about the freedom of singlehood.

Now, the privileges of marriage far outweigh the privileges of singlehood.

If you are ready.

I was ready and I knew what I was getting into. I have seen the ugliest of my wife’s personality and she has seen mine.

I know that she can be over-talkative.

And she knows that I get in these moods where I just cannot stop playing around with her or the Xbox-or Internet Poker??- or … you get my drift.

But she loves my wit and level-headedness and I love how disciplined and intelligent she is.

All that puppy love stuff-the warm tingly feeling, the romantic gestures and the indisputable view someone has of their love’s character descends.

It descends from the clouds all the way down to this place called reality.

And the reality is that love is more than feelings.

It is about that decision you make on that altar.

It is not about what you do or do not feel like doing.

Take out that trash. Wash those dishes. Hold that tongue, it is not worth saying-trust me.

Marriage is about devotion, self-discipline and hope.

Television romanticizes marriage, although the romance is very important, but it rarely gives an accurate glimpse into the character that is needed to really enjoy marriage.

Marriage should be taken seriously and all its rewards and munificence are not deserved if a person is not ready to deal with its crucible-like nature that tends to challenge you to persevere through its impromptu hardships.

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