Health effects of caffeine helpful during finals

Talin Maghakian

There is no reason to feel guilty upon taking another sip of coffee. Caffeine may not be as bad for us as we have thought.

We have all recognized the overall improvement in mental and physical performance after having consumed a caffeinated beverage, which is essential during the last couple weeks of school when all the papers are due and students are staying up all night to study for their exams.

While not a substitute for sleep, most caffeinated drinks can delay fatigue just long enough as one needs, which can prove to be beneficial during those dreaded all nighters and is safer than any other drug in the world of pharmaceuticals.

Often overlooked are the health benefits associated with caffeine since most scientists and researchers emphasize their counterproductive health effects. According to published articles by Associated Content, researchers have found that those who drink two cups of coffee per day were 44 percent less likely to experience liver damage than those who did not consume any sort of caffeine. Adding to that, a Norwegian study revealed that those who suffered from liver cirrhosis and drank three cups of coffee may have elongated their life expectancy. Studies also show that caffeine may be beneficial to people with pulmonary emphysema. Among other potential heath benefits of caffeine explored by Harvard scientific researchers are that it may cut the risk of developing diabetes, degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, preventing dental cavities and treating asthma and headaches. Antioxidants , which are known to prevent cancer, heart disease and other related illnesses, are all found in coffee.

With all these health benefits explored and many proven, people should still no longer consume more than two to three cups of coffee per day. Just as anything else, caffeine needs to be had in moderation as a little can help you but a lot can hurt you. Being aware of your caffeine consumption is important in being able to realize whether or not your daily consumption habits will either work for or against you. Besides coffee, there are numerous other things containing caffeine such as tea, chocolate bars, soda, energy drinks and the like. As long as you are not consuming too much of these goods that are overloaded with sugar along with caffeine, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy one or two cups of coffee a day.