What to do during the holidays without the “honey bunny”

Danielle R. Swopes

I had thought that my time missing my honey bunny for the holidays was over, but I was apparently wrong. This year, he is flying 600 miles away to spend the holiday with his family. There go my fantasies of hot cocoa and mistletoe. Here are some ways to deal with such disappointments:

Do not freak out. My first reaction was along the lines of disbelief and outrage. After all, we live together now, so this was the first year I thought I knew for sure what we would be doing – together. Family related issues on my side had sealed the deal in my mind.

Rather than starting a fight or ruining the trip for him, I have decided to let him know that I am disappointed, but leave it at that. After all, this time of year brings with it enough stress, so arguing with the one you love really will not help things. Plus, it is a little silly to alienate someone because you want to spend time with them.

Let them know that they will be missed, and try to secure a promise to be together next year, or to have a special celebration of your own to make up for it. A romantic gift exchange for two should help things.

Enjoy the holiday! Do not waste your time moping around. Spend time with family and friends, and have adventures so that you will have stories to share when you see each other again. Odds are that so much will be going on, a few days apart will not be even close to the big deal it seems now. Fun and frenzy, that’s what the holidays are all about.

Besides, if you have a fantastic time, your beloved will be that much more eager to share the time with you in the future. Wailing that your days are empty without them doesn’t build much anticipation. Hilarious tales of your family trying to ice skate, on the other hand? Work the “I wish I could have been there to see that” vibe.

Stay in touch. This is the golden rule for any long distance relationship, whether for a weekend or for a semester. A phone call each night to say “I love you” is, in my mind, absolutely necessary. As a couple in a relationship, you owe it to each other.

Do not overdo it, though. Save up stories for when you can be together again. Spending hours on the phone rather than participating in the celebration will not endear you to anyone. The idea is to be involved rather than overbearing. Short and sweet keeps them coming back for more.

Since you have behaved so well while your beloved was gone, look forward to a happy reunion. The days apart should have provided great stories to tell, and you can enjoy sharing your gifts. Not to mention, you have cuddle time to make up for!