Board game Pimp City has some resemblance to Monopoly

Talin Maghakian

Pimp City is the “legal game that’s good for your bad ass soul.” At least that is how the manual characterizes it. For those ages 18 and over who have always fantasized at least once about the glamorous street life of a pimp, Pimp City provides them with the chance of becoming “The Big Pimp Daddy” without leaving their living room. For others, it may simply serve as an informative tool about street business.

“It certainly helped me to learn a lot of new slang words,” said Malte Humpert, a political science major, after becoming acquainted with the game.

The object of the game is essentially to become “The New Pimp Daddy” by rolling the dice and getting your “worker” to make the most money.

“It’s like an obscene version of monopoly,” Humpert said.

Just as in Monopoly, players can buy property and earn money. Instead of little houses, players are given cardboard cutouts of male and female figures along with two “male gigolos.” Among the girls are the Catholic schoolgirl escapee and the mysterious Asian beauty.

“These characters are so stereotypical,” said Christine Kristofferson, an interior design major, upon reading the descriptions of the game’s characters.

One of the most entertaining parts of the game are the cards from the Neighborhood Watch deck that contain phrases like “Go to Cool Your Jets,” “Sudden Case of Genophobia” and “Lost Your Toys.”

While Pimp City is strikingly similar to Monopoly, the makers of the game have added different twists. Landing on a pink area amounts to a penalty, and the player has the option of either paying it or accepting a truth or dare challenge from the pimp of their choosing.

Another feature, called “Cat Fights,” occurs when two figures end up on the same space at the same time. In that case, all the players must roll the dice. The highest score wins and all other players pay the winner 20 times the amount shown on the dice.

While these features make the rules of the game significantly more complicated than a classic game of Monopoly, Pimp City can be incredibly entertaining to those who are not disturbed by its blatant sexual vulgarity.